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Thirty Yeard of Fortezza –  2018 June, July and August
In 2018 Armando Punzo’s Compagnia della Fortezza turns thirty. 30 years of never-ending building of Impossible Architectures make this Impossibility a concrete Utopia. These thirty years are a unique goal, for a unique experience, which for the first time in Europe, has created a new genre, a new way of imagining and making theatre. It has opened new ways, becoming an artistic, cultural and operating paradigm that has been studied and referred to form all over the world.During a three-years multi-layered and visionary project, Compagnia della Fortezza will transform the memory of a 30 years artistic experience in a journey through life and theatre, limits and the unknown in search of a sublime and prophetic beauty, embodied through the company’s everyday practice. Through this process, people will become works of art, generating beauty and spaces for thought with their souls together with the one of the Artist that first created them. The journey through the 30 years of Compagnia della Fortezza becomes more intense during the summer of 2018 with a series of special, multiform acts of art: the presentation of the performance BEATITUDO, a national premiere, from 23 to 29 of July inside Volterra prison and then the 29 of July at Teatro Persio Flacco, the traditional theatre of Volterra and the creation of a site specific performance and intervention of THE CIRCULAR RUINS – I am looking for the face I had before the world was created, a huge event-rite in the cooling tower of the Geothermal plant of Enel Green Power in Larderello. read more (pdf)


Compagnia della Fortezza
Performance for the #30YearsFortezza
July 23–20, 2018, hours: 17pm-19pm
Medicean Fortress/Volterra Prison
July 29 20018, hours: 21pm
Teatro Persio Flacco
Dramaturgy and direction Armando Punzo
“Borges’ characters are infinite, they come from different eras, as though they were representing the entire universe. Between all this innumerable figures, so conveniently distant from the characters of life, there is one, Funes, who wants to get rid of his endless memory and give a new name to the world. It would be right, desirable to live in the countless possibilities, sinking into oblivion, out of history and, even more, out of the vanity of every own story. We base our life on what we are not, on what we could be. This static nature makes us loose the pleasure of the risk of being like we will never know. What Funes wants to forget is our own desire to live beyond our past life, future and present. Between the many Borges’ characters, we feel closer to us the ones more distant to life, the ones that better betray our expectations, that don’t give us handholds to recognize ourselves in them…read more (pdf)

regrigerante_1Compagnia della Fortezza
I am looking for the face I had before the world was created
August 4, 2018, hours 17pm
Site specific event for the #30YearsFortezza
Geothermal ENEL Plant
Larderello (Pisa)
creation and direction Armando Punzo
curated by Cinzia de Felice
He wanted to dream a man; he wanted to dream him with minute integrity and insert him into reality. This magic project had exhausted the entire expanse of his mind; if someone had asked him his name or to relate some event of his former life, he would not have been able to give an answer. The stranger dreamed that he was in the centre of a circular amphitheatre which was more or less the burned templeread more (pdf)

dossier_engCompagnia della Fortezza, a concrete Utopia
Armando Punzo and Compagnia della Fortezza have transformed Volterra prison in a place where every year, since 1989, a massive audience (an average of 300 hundreds people a day) enters the High Security Prison of Volterra to see Armando Punzo and his Compagnia della Fortezza performing all over the prison spaces, for an average of four/ five days a year. They have transformed it in a place where a group of around 30 collaborators (performers, musicians, poets, set and costumes designers, dancers, photographers, video makers) leave their everyday life to spend their summer in the little town of Volterra and to enter his prison everyday, to work with Armando and the Company to build together the final show. He has changed it in a place where other companies and artists are invited to perform, where critics, intellectuals, politicians, poets, musicians, researchers are gathered to discuss about the role of art and artists in contemporary society. Ultimately, Armando is transforming it in the actually existing, even if not institutionally recognized, National Theatre inside a prison in the world. read more (pdf)


Armando Punzo: artistic practice, performances, prizes and publications
Armando Punzo is a theatre director, artist and dramaturg. He was born in Cercola (Naples, Italy) in 1959. He begins his artistic activity in Naples in ’78, with Teatro Laboratorio Proposta. From’83, he moves to Volterra where he is one of the guides of the experimental, international theatre group L’Avventura, in the project called Pratiche in attesa di teoria. When the group brakes up, he works with director Thierry Salmon for “A. from Agatha” by Marguerite Duras. In 1987 he founds Compagnia della Fortezza and Carte Blanche, the not-for-profit arts and culture organisation he has been artistic director for, since now. read more (pdf)

blanche_engCarte Blanche and The Theatres of the Impossible
Carte Blanche is a not-for-profit arts organization founded in 1987, with the aim of producing and promoting cultural activities based on experimental research in the arts.The organisation manages Compagnia della Fortezza, the theatre company composed by the inmates actors of Volterra Prison and directed by Armando Punzo. Together with the permanent theatre workshop inside Volterra Prison, Carte Blanche also organizes every year since 1993 one or two professional trainings for the arts professions. read more (pdf)

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